Another Birthday

I was my birthday yesterday. Yes, I’m 29. Again.

The rule in our house is that on your birthday you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s a great rule. I’ve used it over the years to spend all day in bed or all day watching television, to work on my scrapbooks, to quilt and to go shopping.

This year I took advantage of my special gift to sleep in and skip my chores. Then I felt the pull of my desk…. and decided to go sit there for a while and do something.

Funny thing, I did what would – on any other day – be considered “work”. But since I didn’t HAVE to do it, it didn’t seem like work. In fact, it seemed fun. I took extra time to organize a little bit and rearrange my filing system , something I generally “don’t have time to do”. Amazingly, by dinnertime (which I didn’t have to cook) and evening chores (which I didn’t have to do), my desk was clean, my slips of paper handled, filing done and my accounting up to date!

I came away from my birthday feeling refreshed, un-pressured and pleased by my day – and today, as I sit down to write this, I’m continuing to enjoy my birthday because my desk is clean and a bunch of things I’d been “meaning to get to” are done!

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