Baby Ducks

We have new baby ducks!

Momma duck laid her eggs in the barn so we put them in a safe place (a very large, low cage) until they hatched.

They arrived, happy and healthy on July 10th. Momma took them down to the pond immediately and they’ve been cruising around the yard already.

They’re mallards, basically wild but living here, so we’re hoping they stay when winter comes.


  1. they are cute the ducks i just hatched some of my own and they are adorasble

  2. my mom found a baby duck in the courtyard at valley manor nursing home , where she works. and i was wondering how you tell if its a boy or girl ….it will be 10 weeks old tomorrow (Sunday July 20th) it looks a lot like the one you have in the picture above all the comments so i was thinking you might be able to help me out with that ……… please e-mail me … Thank you

  3. I don’t know how to tell if they are male or female when they are little, but when they are older the boy ducks (at least the ones we have) have a little curled feather on the top of their tails.

  4. bryant eakins and her 11 baby ducks are living in my back yard,I have a pond with koi,they seem to be injoying the water,would the mather kill my koi?.

  5. when i woke this morning i found a mallard sitting in my front garden it is just sitting there under my bench
    i gave it some water and i am looking online as to what to feed it
    it has stretched its wings a few times and it seems ok but then it sits under the bench again. Do you have any advice as to what to do with it please i’m worried the cats and stry dogs may have a go at it

  6. what type of duck is that i have a duck that looks the same but i don’t know the breed

  7. The pictures shown are mallards. The males end up with green shiny heads and the females are brown, like the one shown.

    They can be fed grain of various kinds, actual duck food purchased from a feed or pet store. In life they eat bugs, fish, stuff from the bottom of the pond (I don’t know what that is, exactly). They also tend to eat grass and plant roots and shoots – although they are kind of particular about it.


  8. Hello marie, i love ducks too. I am thirteen years old, and i want to be a animal biologist- studying mammology, but as well some other species. I am very interested in your work, i find you to really take note on what you do. I just wanted to say keep up the great work, and keep on publishing your finds!

    your little follower from n.b,

  9. Wow. They are so cute.I have about 10 eggs waiting to hatch at the moment, same type. I have other ducks and they have just hatched out 6 babies, they are all so cute when the are babies, we have a pool which they love swimming in and boy dont they make a mess but these are the big ducks the mallards are cool they are really peaceful and just swimm around all day and dont make too much mess. I love ducks.

  10. Awww…. There so cute. The baby ducks are so sweet to raise. However i have a female mallard duck and she is always following me around my yard. See i have had her since she was a baby i use to have a plain American White Duck but something got a hold of it. Also my duck has been laying eggs but the thing about that is, she don’t have a mate. I wish however i had a male duck that way i could have little baby Duck to take care of. Good luck with yours there very beautiful.

  11. Hello, we came to find 2 baby ducks in our walkout basement. What should we do? My dad is holding both of them under a blanket and they both fell asleep. They seem to be getting use to us. We have made them a house as well with water and bread that we dipped in water, any other suggestions.
    Thank you

  12. we live on a large lake..and a female malard followed us home from our walk. She is so sweet,she will eat from your hand.

  13. nice little duckies. I found one in out backyard and he was abandoned by his mom, we took care of him for about 2 months and released him in a nearby park. he isnt there anymore and i dont know where he has went.

  14. plus the ducks shown in pic is mallard is right
    but ther is 2 different types
    this one is a Mariana Mallard

  15. We have a mama duck and 13 babies swimming around in our pool. We’re guessing they hatched today, 4-1-2011. I almost touched one baby! They must be the same kind as yours; they look the same as the picture!

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