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  • 2009 HSMG Conference

    I’m off to the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild 2009 Conference in Palm Springs bright and early tomorrow morning! Very excited about it – this will probably be our best conference yet.

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  • More Baby Ducks

    Yesterday I got a call from the owner of our local Feed Store (capitalized because that’s actually the name of the store).  Since it was 7:00pm on a Sunday evening, I knew something was up.  Turns out that a woman in town, Carolyn, had become the unplanned foster parent of 11 mallard ducklings. The back-story […]

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  • Elk in the Yard

    Tonight after dinner I looked out the window and saw an elk in the yard. The picture isn’t very good since it was dusk and he was about 75 yard s away, but it is proof that he was there! We have several small elk herds that wander through the ranch, but they generally stay […]

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  • Meet the new OSWA Chapter President

    OSWA – Oregon Small Woodland Association, Coos-Curry County Chapter, has a new President.  As of the Annual Meeting (sometime in March) I will be taking the reins for the local chapter.  I’ve been on the Board (and not really doing much) for a year now.  Last week I decided that if I’m going to do […]

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  • Very Diverse Day

    Today has been such a diverse day.  Normally people tend to stick to one or two somewhat related things during the course of business.  Today I’ve been all over the map. First thing this morning I worked on preparing a time line and pack of documentation to deliver to an attorney in time for him […]

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  • Soapmaking Article Published!

    I just had a great article published in Aromascents E-Magazine! If was fun to write – to review all of the things I know about the wonders of soapmaking and condense it down into just two pages.  Once again I was struck by the wonder of what happens in the soap pot and how the […]

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  • Being DammaRee

    My nieces and nephews called me “Andaree” when they couldn’t quite say “Aunt Marie”.  Now grandson Coven is calling me “DammaRee.”  It’s moniker I never expected to have, but the joy when I hear it is so far beyond anything else!  The experience of being a Grandmother is just great – I love it! Coven […]

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  • Raise The Bar, Use Handcrafted Soap

    That’s what the license plate holder on my truck says now.  I kust put the new Handcrafted Soap Guild license plate holder on my truck.  Required a little cleaning up of things to get the mud off, but I think it looks pretty nice! It’ll be cool to drive around and have it be known […]

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