Giant Soap Bubbles

Did you know there are huge soap bubble artists?  They make AMAZING bubbles – some are 15 feet (yes, FEET) high!  The bubbles show all colors of the rainbow and come in spectacular sizes and shapes.  Depending on the wind, they may move and travel some distance before popping (which looks like something from a cartoon as the walls disintegrate … Read More

“Soap Bubble” at Milky Way Center

Scientists have discovered gigantic bubble-like structures 25,000 light-years tall ballooning above and below the Milky Way. Within each curved “bubble”, extremely energetic electrons of unknown origin interact with lower-energy light to generate the gamma rays that define these bubbles.

“Soap” by Martin Gardner

Just look at those hands! Did you actually think That the dirt would come off, my daughter, By wiggling your fingers Around in the sink And slapping the top of the water Just look at your face! Did you really suppose Those smudges would all disappear With a dab at your chin And the tip of your nose And a … Read More

Proctor & Gamble Out of Soap Operas

As the World Turns, Proctor and Gamble’s last soap opera is going off the air with it’s last episode (the 13,661st!) to air in September. Their other remaining soap opera, Guiding Light, was canceled in April, 2009. That ends their 76 years in the soap opera business.

Harsh Lye Soap

I am reading a series of books by S. M. Stirling about what happens when civilization as we know it loses electricity, internal combustion, and gunpowder, as the result of an event the author calls “The Change”.  In the years after the Change, the inhabitants of the Willamette Valley in Oregon have learned to cope, to raise crops, build water … Read More

Clean Hands Week, Sept 20 – 26, 2009

International Clean Hands Week is September 20 – 26, 2009. This is part of a bigger campaign by the Clean Hands Coalition to help people, especially children, understand the importance of handwashing to stay healthy. As Martha would say, “This is a good thing.”

Soap for Teeth

I was looking through my book of Hall’s Journal of Health (1859), and found an interesting article in the August issue of that year. It piqued my interest, so I did a little research. Here’s the article: Best Tooth Wash On one occasion, a correspondent for a water-cure journal inquired if a statement of ours was true, that washing the … Read More

2009 HSMG Conference

I’m off to the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild 2009 Conference in Palm Springs bright and early tomorrow morning! Very excited about it – this will probably be our best conference yet.