Cows and Skateboarding on the Roof

From the police report for July 30 – August 5th.

Only in a place like Myrtle Point will loose cows and a report of kids skateboarding on the roof of the school be the top stories in the police report!At the top of the news was a report of five or six cows in the reporting party’s yard on Spruce Street; unknown owner. Police moved the cows. Then the next day, another report of cows in the yard on Spruce Street; owner moved the cows and we haven’t heard since. Spruce Street is fairly long, but goes right through the center of town. In fact, my shop is on Spruce Street … but we didn’t actually see the cows.

In other top stories, there was a report that kids were skateboarding on the roof of Myrtle Crest School. Turns out they weren’t actually on the roof (at least at the time the officers arrived), but given the ingenuity (and boredom levels) of the skateboarders here during the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised!

I do so love living here!!

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