Elk in the Yard

Elk in the YARD!!!

Tonight after dinner I looked out the window and saw an elk in the yard. The picture isn’t very good since it was dusk and he was about 75 yard s away, but it is proof that he was there!

We have several small elk herds that wander through the ranch, but they generally stay near the tree lines and away from people and roads.  They come out into open areas to graze.

When the young males get to the point where they are a challenge to the senior male, they are kicked out of the herd to go start their own group.  That’s probably the story for this fellow – he looked a little alone and lost.

While we were out on the deck he noticed us, but didn’t seem alarmed in any way.  In fact, he wasn’t even bothered by the dogs who ran out and barked at him.   Of course, they kept their distance … he’s BIG.  Doesn’t look like it in the picture, but he was as big as our horses and must have weighed over 1,000 pounds!

I hope he comes back.  Maybe he will establish his herd close enough so we will see him and his new family again.

I love living here!

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