My book is done!

Today I went to town and picked up the first official printing of my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling; How to Follow the Rules and Regs in Plain English. Funny, even though I wrote every word and line and have been over the text a gazillion times, it still seems strange to see it as an actual book — just like the ones I buy from Amazon!

I already have an ad paid for and submitted to the Saponifier online magazine. More marketing is planned, too.


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One response to “My book is done!”

  1. Wow….and the book says “by Marie Gale” !
    I am SO excited to have this book and have been pouring over it. It’s simply jam packed with fantastic ideas and so well written. I know this book will become dog eared in no time…as I will use it constantly.
    Thanks so much for writing it Marie…and WAY TO GO GIRL!
    Your Soapy friend in Roseburg

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