Labeling … of People

Name calling.  In grade school it’s a tool of the bullies to make others feel bad.  Even though you can SAY “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” truth is, words, be it name calling or labeling, CAN hurt. Maybe not physically, like sticks and stones, but personally, emotionally, and spiritually? Certainly.

Labeling people can also have other, more insidious effects. Dealing with a person based on their “label” can result in unfair or prejudicial treatment, which is why it’s not polite (or politically correct) to foist off a label on someone that they don’t want or feel is wrong or incorrect.

Adults can laugh it off or fight back.  When kids are labeled or called names by other kids, adults often intervene to stop it.  But what about when kids are labeled by adults?

This video is very insightful about one aspect of kids being labeled by adults.  It’s easy to see what the short and long-term results might be.

I agree with the final note in the video. Let’s let kids choose their own labels. And adults, too!

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