Tele-Labeling Presentation

Last week I had the honor of speaking about cosmetic labeling requirements to a group in Colorado.Colorado Organics Colorado Organics set up the presentation, which had 13 people present. While I’ve done similar presentations in the past, this time was different because they were 1000 miles away and I could have done it in my jammies (I didn’t, but I could have!).

They showed my PowerPoint while I spoke by phone. High-tech compared to 10 years ago, but apparently somewhat low-tech compared to the multitude of possibilities on the web these days. Next time we may try for a different approach (webcam, anyone?), but all-in-all it worked well.

The attendees asked very astute questions; it was very apparent that they are all making an honest effort to comply with the regulations. It makes a statement for what I call the “micro cosmetic industry” that even though the FDA rules and the whole regulation system is set up for the “big guys”, those of us who have small (micro) businesses are working hard to understand and comply with the rules.

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