Welcome to George

George - our new kitty


We just recently welcomed a new addition to our menagerie, George.  He’s a 12-week-old orange male kitten, adopted (rescued?) from a household of about 30 cats and kittens.  So far, he’s fitting into our family life well.

He’s a bit of a ‘fraidy cat, and hasn’t yet realized that the dogs (all three of them, weighing a total of about 250 pounds) aren’t really going to eat him.  Actually, the dogs seem to like cats and are very interested in George, which the cat seems to think is a sure sign of imminent death.

Not being willing to go outside on his own, George immediately learned to use the kitty litter box.  I’m thankful for that, even though I HATE litter boxes.  Over the course of the next week, the box gets moved outside and George will have to learn to use the kitty door.

He’s a little purr machine.  Once he’s comfortable (and knows the dogs aren’t going to get him), he’ll sit on your lap (or desk, or bed, or even computer keyboard) and purr and purr and purr.  Like a little motorboat!

Flies and moths are an enticement to him and he’s always on the lookout for things moving which can be pounced on and played with.  I have great hopes for him as a hunter … as soon as I can get him to go outside on his own!

As they say, “Dogs have masters, Cats have staff”.  That’s George … and I’m his staff at the moment!


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