Ask your labeling or GMP questions

My website update is finally complete!  I expect to add some more information as time goes on, but I’m happy with the way it’s laid out and the information that’s there now.  There have been some good additions, I think.

I added two new sections – one that contains all the information on soap and cosmetic labeling and one that contains information on good manufacturing practices.

The soap and cosmetic labeling section includes links to state and federal agencies, a quick labeling faq, and some updated information that wasn’t in the book.

The good manufacturing practices section contains a page on the basics of GMP.

Both sections now include a page where you can ask your labeling question or ask your gmp question.  The forms are submitted to me, and then I’ll post the answers.  Please feel free to take advantage of both of them! Over time I’ll add questions that I have received in the past.

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