Sometimes you just need someone to talk over the options or to help you work out how to accomplish what you want to get done. Or maybe you need someone to look over web copy or other materials to see if they are going to land you in hot water. I’m here for that.

Marie Gale

What my consulting covers

My consulting services cover all aspects of soap and cosmetic labeling, and most aspects of good manufacturing practices and the other regulations that might apply to soap and cosmetic handcrafters. It bends and shapes to fit your needs—but it generally breaks down into teaching you how and why OR having me do it for you.

For example, if you want to learn how to label your products or create an ingredient declaration, I can meet with you on the phone or in a virtual meeting and go over the requirements of how to do that. Then you can take that information and do it yourself. Or, alternatively, if you want it done for you, just provide me with the formula and I’ll give you back a finished (and correct) ingredient declaration.

Some of the services I have provided for clients in the past include:

  • Answering questions about MoCRA or other regulations
  • Reviewing a series of similar labels (rather than doing a Label Review on each one)
  • Creating an ingredient declaration, with several optional ways of ordering or naming the ingredients
  • Calculating percentages of ingredients (particularly for soap)
  • Reviewing label, brochure, and/or website text to make sure no illegal claims are being made
  • Assisting with safety substantiation for ingredients and/or products
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures for GMP compliance

Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate your straight-forward answer. I have not been able to get one before. Sure made a difference to me. … Thank you again for someone who watches out for us. Depending on your very timely research is so refreshing. Thank YOU! — Liz

How are services provided?

Consulting services are provided by email, phone, or virtual meeting depending on what’s needed. Usually it’s a combination.

I have done in-person consultations, traveling to various locations around the country. That is a unique circumstance—it’s possible, but not typical.

To Get Started

If you are interested in getting some consulting from me, just purchase the hour(s) you want (using the buttons below) and send an email to me at detailing what you need.

If you have questions about the service, feel free to email me before purchasing.

Consulting Packages

Flexible options to suit your needs

1 hour

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10 hours

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25 hours

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The difference between Consulting and Label Review

My Label Review Service is different, in that it just covers my looking at an individual product label and giving you back a checklist of what should be addressed.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, and so can’t offer “legal advice.” In this day and age, only an attorney can tell you whether or not you are following the law/regulations. What I can do is provide detailed legal information concerning existing regulations so you can make any adjustments or edits to your labels you see fit.