Sometimes you just need someone to talk over the options or to help you work out how to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Or maybe you need someone to look over web copy or other matierials to see if they are going to land you in hot water. I’m here for that.

My consulting services cover all aspects of soap and cosmetic labeling, and most aspects of good manufacturing practices and the other regulations that might apply to soap and cosmetic handcrafters. My Label Review Service covers looking at an individual label; my consulting bends and shapes to fit your needs.

Some of the areas that my consulting services cover include:

  • Do you have a set of labels that are all similar, so don’t really need individual label reviews, but you still want them looked at?
  • Are you making illegal claims for your products on your website or in social media?
  • Are the names in your ingredient declaration correctly stated? (INCI lookup)
  • Do the testimonials, reviews, endorsements, and/or certifications you use meet all the required disclosure requirements?
  • If you are claiming “Made in the USA” – does your product actually meet the requirements of the standard?
  • Are any of your environmental claims too broad, needing qualifiers or clarification?
  • If you hold any raffles, sweepstakes, or give-aways … do they meet the requirements?

Services are provided by email or phone, depending on what’s needed.


Consulting is $115 per hour, with a retainer paid in advance (based on the estimated amount of time the project will take). Packages of 5, 10 and 25 hours are available with a discounted hourly rate.

To Get Started

If you are interested in getting some consulting, just purchase the hour(s) you want and send an email to me at detailing what you need.

If you have questions about the service, feel free to email me before purchasing.

Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate your straight-forward answer. I have not been able to get one before. Sure made a difference to me. … Thank you again for someone who watches out for us. Depending on your very timely research is so refreshing. Thank YOU! — Liz

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, and so can’t offer “legal advice”. In this day and age, only an attorney can tell you whether or not you are following the law/regulations. What I can do is provide is detailed legal information concerning existing regulations so you can make any adjustments or edits to your labels you see fit.

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