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  • Public Opinion on Cosmetic Safety

    Public Opinion on Cosmetic Safety

    As part of a course I’m doing, I asked about 40 random people, “Do you think cosmetics are safer now than they were 25 years ago?” YIKES was I surprised by the answers!

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  • BBB National Programs – Advertising

    BBB National Programs – Advertising

    Did you know the Better Business Bureau has National Programs? Of particular note are the Advertising Initiatives, which provide a forum for “promoting truthful, transparent, responsible advertising through self-regulation, monitoring, and enforcement.”

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  • Cosmetics That Look Like Food

    Cosmetics That Look Like Food

    Soap that looks and smells like pie. Bath bombs that look and smell like candy. Fun to do and sell – but is there a legal downside? Turns out, at least the the EU, there is.

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  • Cosmetic Regulation Update

    Cosmetic Regulation Update

    On May 17, the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) Committee introduced a draft bill which includes changes to the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act regarding cosmetics.

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