Soap and Cosmetic Labeling

Soap and Cosmetic Labeling cover

Labeling isn’t complicated… but it is detailed!

This book walks you through all those details in an
easy-to-understand format so you can label your products correctly.

170 pages

What’s in This Book?

Soap and Cosmetic Labelling is the go-to book for labeling of soaps and cosmetics for the handcrafter. The regulations have remained stable since publication of this book, with only a few clarifications (not changes) from the FDA. We have not yet received the all the updates and requirements from MoCRA (the Modernization of Cosmetic Regulations Act).

This book covers the details of labeling your soap or cosmetic, including:

  • Determing the intended use of your product;
  • The difference between “soap” and a “cosmetic” and how to figure out which regulations apply;
  • Identifying and measuring the principal display panel of your product;
  • Pictures and diagrams to give examples of labeling options;
  • Using the size of the principal display panel to determine the required text size;
  • How to create your ingredient declaration;
  • Explanations of metric and US customary measurements and how to correctly state the net contents;
  • Options for the business name and address;
  • And much more!

Also included is background info on what laws and regulations are in existence, and which agencies enforce the rules for which products. This area has been somewhat confusing to many handcrafters, especially when differentiating between soap that is exempt from cosmetic regulations and soap that is considered a cosmetic. For general interest, there’s a bit of history of the whys and wherefors of the laws and how they came to be.

Finally, there is a chapter covering OTHER (non-labeling) laws and regulations that could affect your business, so you aren’t caught off guard.

Whether you’re an old hand or a newcomer to the business of soap and cosmetics, you’ll find the information presented here clear and easy to understand, and Soap & Cosmetic Labeling to be an excellent guide through the maze of labeling regulations.

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