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As you may have heard, I announced that Jere and I are planning to “run away from home” in our new (to us) RV. It’s actually happening! All goes well, we’ll be heading out next Monday, August 10th.

Obviously, I can’t be stocking and shipping books while we’re on the road (not enough storage space, for one thing!). So, I’ve made arrangements to ensure that my books are still readily available. You have a couple of options.

Various Suppliers

Several industry suppliers stock my books including Bramble Berry, Shay and Company, Lotioncrafter, A+ Soapmaking Studio and


All my books are available at and qualify for Prime shipping. For anyone in the EU or UK, this is the best deal. If you use these links to the books,  I will get a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate program:

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

The best deal on my books is through the HSCG store. They give a 25% discount on all the books they sell, including mine. You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of the discount.

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One response to “Book Availability”

  1. Hi Marie…

    Having been a soap maker for many years and also a past member of HSMG, I applaud you for also posting about your travel adventures.

    My husband and I have a similar story. After selling our home and all its contents, we bought an RV and traveled up the coast from CA to Washington. I’m originally from Washington, so it was like coming home.

    I no longer make bath and body products because of the space it takes up, so now I make custom leather journals. We have to have an outlet for our creativity, right??!! I’m also a freelance content writer and copywriter and this also funds our travels.

    I’m going to follow your blog and keep up with your travels. It’s quite a lifestyle, isn’t it! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Sue Dixon

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