FDA Issues New Draft of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines

The FDA recently announced that they have issued a new draft guidance on good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products. This new draft is an update to the existing “Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Guidelines/Inspection Checklist“. According to the Introduction: “This document provides guidance to industry and other stakeholders on the FDA’s current thinking concerning what constitutes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for cosmetics.”

Good Manufacturing Practices – Where to Start?

If you already make a good product, then you already have the beginnings of your good manufacturing practices in place.  Much of what’s included in GMP is common sense – a clean space, checking and double checking your ingredients and measurements to make sure they are correct, mixing correctly, checking temperatures when necessary, etc. But if you are ready to … Read More

Labeling of In-Process Materials

Running all through Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines is a theme of label, label, label. Label incoming materials. Label containers of raw materials.  Label containers of measured ingredients when making a batch.  Label bulk materials ready to be packaged.  In other words, label everything as you go! Why?  Because if you rely on “remembering” what’s what, you are open to the … Read More

Master Formulas – Not Just Ingredients

Master Formulas are a key part of Good Manufacturing Practices.  They’re more than just a list of ingredients; they document what makes your products uniquely yours. Your Master Formulas should contain every step, trick and technique you use to make your product – and it should be written in sufficient detail that someone with reasonable familiarity with making that type … Read More

Nova Studio Classes – October 14

I will be at the Nova Studio on Sunday, October 14th giving two classes – one on Soap and Cosmetic Labeling and the other on Good Manufacturing Practices. You can see the details for the Soap and Cosmetic Labeling class here.  We’ll be covering all of the basics of labeling.  The class will be hands-on, and all attendees are encouraged … Read More

How & Why to Keep Lot Numbers

Last week The Nova Studio posted a great post, Why You Should Care About Lot Numbers, detailing their experiences on finding out that  San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company in Fremont, CA had  a bad rodent infestation & was recalling over a dozen of their products that may have been infested with droppings. The news report on it includes a list of … Read More

Castor Oil Toxicity?

I was recently asked about castor oil, and whether there was a need to buy “detoxified” castor oil for use in soap.  I’ve used castor oil in my soap for a long time because  it makes marvelous creamy lather (use level 4 to 10%), but I did some checking into the toxicity issue.