L. Ron Hubbard 100th Birthday Event

Last week we went to the L. Ron Hubbard 100th birthday event hosted by the Church of Portland.  It was attended by several hundred people – it was great to see old friends.

Much of the event was dedicated to a retrospective look at the life of L. Ron Hubbard, especially the many endeavors and adventures in which he was involved in the earlier years of his life (before founding Dianetics and the Church of Scientology).  I found the event very interesting, which was a little surprising given that I was already familiar with much of the story.

What I especially liked, and was very intrigued by, was the level of detail provided about the surrounding information.  Yes, I knew that he was the youngest Eagle Scout in his day … but I didn’t know the when and how, hadn’t ever seen pictures of all the badges he earned (sheesh – there were a LOT of them!) or of the various skills he learned (photography, life saving, playing the bugel and more).  Nor did I know that he was selected as one of four youths from Washington to represent Scouting at the Presidential Celebration of National Boy’s Week or that he met President Coolidge in that capacity.

And that was just one small piece in the life of a man who, completely aside from founding the Church of Scientology, had an amazing, productive and extremely adventuresome life.  Aviator, mariner, writer, explorer, and more – all to professional standards.

There are some great videos about his life – many of which are autobiographical audio with photographs and extra information, available at www.lronhubbard.org.  I encourage you to check them out – and be inspired by what one person can accomplish if he sets his mind to it.


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