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cover-5-purpleWell, it’s finally happened. I’m OUT OF STOCK on the 2nd Edition of the book (2010)!

The 2015 updated 3rd Edition (I’m calling it the “purple edition”) is almost finished. I’m on the final round of edits and updates. In a way, it’s good that the project was delayed a bit because now I’ll be able to include information about the FDA’s response to the HSCG’s PO Box Petition.

At the moment, it looks like the book will be winging its way to the printer sometime near the end of January, and I’ll have books in stock around the end of February.

Cost of this edition is the same ($24.95 with free shipping in the US), but orders placed before the book is back in stock will get a 20% discount (reducing the price to $20.00).

While the regulations haven’t changed, the FDA updated their website, and has clarified some information (such as the expected way to list botanical ingredients and the option to use a listing in an online phone directory to satisfy the requirements to omit the street address from the label). This new edition includes this updated information, and also expands explanations given in various sections of the book based on questions I’ve received over the years.

The book includes more background on what laws and regulations are in existence and which agencies enforce the rules for which products. This area has been somewhat confusing to many handcrafters, especially when differentiating between soap that is exempt from cosmetic regulations and soap that is considered a cosmetic. For general interest, there’s a bit of history of the whys and wherefores of the laws and how they came to be.

The new edition also includes more pictures and diagrams to give examples of labeling options. And much of the text has been edited to make it clearer, more readable, a more “plain English” and – hopefully – that much more understandable.

Lastly, there is a chapter covering OTHER (non-labeling) laws and regulations that could affect your business, and a checklist you can use to do a basic check on your labels to make sure they are in compliance.

Place an advanced order for the 2015 “purple edition”

If you really need a copy of the 2nd edition right away, the HSCG still has some copies available for sale, which you can order here. They are offering a 25% discount on all the books they sell, but they do charge shipping (so check to see if there is anything else you want when you place the order).

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