Raise The Bar, Use Handcrafted Soap

HSMG License plate holderThat’s what the license plate holder on my truck says now.  I kust put the new Handcrafted Soap Guild license plate holder on my truck.  Required a little cleaning up of things to get the mud off, but I think it looks pretty nice!

It’ll be cool to drive around and have it be known that I’m a member of the HSMG and a soapmaker. Maybe it will get people thinking when we’re towing a horse trailer or carrying a load of hay.


  1. Dear Marie,
    Please help me to learn more about drying closet with dehumifier machine (how to make it or how to buy it. I’v problem with my soap
    it’s very difficult to dry it (it take more than 2 months for drying).

    Thank you for you kind attention and looking forward to hear from you very soon.

    Best Regards,


  2. I made a closed space (like a closet) with side shelf supports. It is sized to take large bakers trays. There is plenty of airspace around all the trays when they are loaded. Then I purchased a marine dehumidifier (for boats) and hung that in the bottom. There is a small hole to the outside where the water from the dehumidifier goes.

    After I cut the soap I put it on the trays (several layers of brown paper under it). It’s standing up, with space between the soap – you can see it in one of the pictures in the Soapmaking posts.

    It takes about 2-3 weeks for the soap to cure and get sufficiently dry to wrap.


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