Last night (Saturday) was one of the major events within the Church of Scientology – the celebration of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. There is an international event in Clearwater, Florida which is video’ed and then shipped out to all the out-lying Churches so the parishioners there can watch it. I went to see it in Portland.

I’m really proud of what my church and my friends within it have been accomplishing at home and around the world to help improve conditions, so the release of the new iteration of the Church of Scientology’s main website, www.Scientology.org, was especially nice for me. I invite you to take a look at it!

The site now video-based, with short clips covering all different aspects of Scientology and Scientologists, including interviews, reviews of basic tenets and beliefs, information on outreach programs into human rights, drug rehabilitation, criminal rehabilitation, study and literacy outreach, disaster response and much more.

If, for some reason, you can’t access the site or it takes to long to load on your internet connection, please contact me. Our church has also made DVD’s of the videos available for free, so I have copies that I can send to you if you can’t see it on the web.

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