Clean Hands Week, Sept 20 – 26, 2009

International Clean Hands Week is September 20 – 26, 2009. This is part of a bigger campaign by the Clean Hands Coalition to help people, especially children, understand the importance of handwashing to stay healthy. As Martha would say, “This is a good thing.”

To quote the Handwashing for Life Institute:

“Handwashing remains the most important intervention in saving lives around the world. This fact makes that week one of Handwashing For Life’s most important dates on the annual calendar. It is a time to bring the world together, to raise the awareness of the importance of handwashing and to get started in changing hand hygiene behaviors.

“Nothing says it better than the mission of The Clean Hands Coalition: Clean hands. Save lifes. This is the world’s call to action from the third world to 5 star restaurants, schools and the world’s finest hospitals across the globe. If you care, you wash. If you care, find a way to get this message out to those you care about.”

The Clean Hands Coalition has a sample press release that can be used to write and issue a local press release regarding Clean Hands Week. It could be a good community activity and a useful PR tool for soapmakers!

Note: The picture above is part of the Clean Hands Week Poster which can be downloaded and printed for posting in your business or school.


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