Colored and Swirled Soap

Making cold process soap is a combination of art and science.

Making swirled soap is particularly tricky. It’s quite a skill to get the colors to swirl in together and still keep them distinct. Every swirled bar is different – not only different from soapmaker to soapmaker, but different from batch to batch and every bar within a batch will be unique.

Winter Spruce Soap -

The Nova Studio - HSMG Best in Show 2006

Lilac Bouquet -

Berry Nice -

Bayberry Soap

As you can see – every soap is different!

All of these soaps are made by members of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, all of whom subscribe to the HSMG Code of Ethics. For more soaps by HSMG members, see the HSMG Soap Gallery.

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