Mary’s Monkey

Old Postcards

As one of my personal projects, I am scanning and correctly, archivally storing the family collection of papers and documents.  Yesterday I scanned a collection of 400 post cards dating from 1908 to 1920.

One little series mentioned soap, so I read it carefully … and I just have to share:


Mary has a little Monkey
Just as cute as it can be,
It was covered with the softest hair
That ever did you see.


To keep it nice and clean
Was Mary’s greatest hope,
She washed her little monkey
With the best kind of soap


The boys all like Mary
And like her monkey, too.
And when they play so nice with it,
What can Mary do?


Once Mary’s monkey got real cold
That filled her with alarm,
So she bought some woolen pants
For to keep her monkey warm.


Mary went in swimming
And she took her little pet,
A wave hit in the … “good old summer time,”1
And she got her monkey wet.


Mary now is married,
And it keeps her on the jump.
And between the man and Mary,
Her monkey has to hump2.


What more is there to say?

  1. Slang term for butt or behind from that era. ↩︎
  2. At that time “hump” meant to run fast. ↩︎


3 responses to “Mary’s Monkey”

  1. deana binkley

    i also have a full set trying to find value

    1. Marie Gale

      I have no idea!

  2. Lightningbug743

    I have the first 3 postcards and am delighted to read the next 3. Thank you for sharing… also, I didn’t know it dated back to the 1920s! Wow!

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