Nova Studio Classes – October 14

I will be at the Nova Studio on Sunday, October 14th giving two classes – one on Soap and Cosmetic Labeling and the other on Good Manufacturing Practices.

You can see the details for the Soap and Cosmetic Labeling class here.  We’ll be covering all of the basics of labeling.  The class will be hands-on, and all attendees are encouraged to bring their own products and labels to evaluate.

The details for the Good Manufacturing Practices class are here and here.  In that class we’ll cover the why and how of GMP for handcrafters.

Both classes are several hours long, so there will be plenty of time to get into the nitty-gritty details and address individual questions and issues.

The Nova Studio has also posted a nice bio of me, if you want to get a little more information about me, from their perspective.

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3 responses to “Nova Studio Classes – October 14”

  1. Roseann Johnson

    Interested on classes and book. Where is your location and prices, etc.

    Do you do other products other than soap.

    1. Marie Gale

      I don’t have any labeling classes scheduled right now, although I expect there will be one at the Nova Studio in the fall of 2013 (it’s not scheduled yet).

      The book is available on my website see Soap and Cosmetic Labeling Book. It covers both soap and cosmetics (of all kinds).

  2. Can’t wait for these classes, Marie – they’re going to be awesome!

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