Finally My Labeling eClass is Available!

For all the people who have asked me to put together an actual eClass, I am so excited announce that my eClass is now – finally – available to one and all at The Nova Studio!!!  It’s been months in the making and I’m extremely proud of the finished product.

Rather than do one long lecture-type video, we decided to break things up.  The class actually consists of 11 videos, for a total of about 2 1/2 hours.

The good thing is that you don’t have to commit to watching the whole thing all at once – you can watch a short video on one subject and then come back and watch the next video when you have time.  It also makes it possible to go back and watch a portion several times if that’s the best way for you to absorb the data.

The individual video titles are:

  • Brief Introduction (1:28) (you can preview that on The Nova Studio site)
  • What is a Cosmetic? (20:39)
  • Let’s Talk About Soap (18:16)
  • Making Claims (21:21)
  • What’s Required on ALL Labels? (5:53)
  • Product Name & Identity (8:39)
  • How to Measure & List Net Contents (15:39)
  • How to List Your Business Name & Address (12:52)
  • What Ingredient Names to Use (28:39)
  • How to Properly List Your Ingredients (12:14)
  • What Additional Information Goes on The Label? (9:10)

Along with the videos, there are two downloadable .pdf files:

  • Labeling “Summary Sheets” – This 11-page packet covers 7 key aspects of product labeling:
    • Definitions
    • What’s Required on All Labels
    • Product Name & Identity
    • Net Contents
    • How to List Your Business Name & Address
    • Ingredient Declaration
    • Directions & Warnings
  • Labeling “Quick Guides” – This 16-page packet has details for different types of handcrafted products. The 6 product specific Quick Guides are:
    • Hot/Cold Process Bar Soap
    • Melt & Pour Soap
    • Liquid Soap
    • Liquid Cosmetic Products
    • Solid/Semi-Solid Cosmetic Products
    • Salt/Sugar Scrubs.

The class is available now (yay!). Cost is only  $59.00. Sign up at The Nova Studio.

Early Bird Bonus!

Anyone who signs up for the course before May 15th can secure a spot in a 90 minute live/online Q & A!  I’ll be there live and “in person” to answer questions from enrolled students. The Q & A will be held Tuesday, May 18 at 10 am Pacific (12 noon Central; 1 pm Eastern).


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  1. We are truly honored that you chose us to host this online class. It provides SO much value for handcrafters, and we know everyone will love it as much as we do.

    Looking forward to your Q&A on 5/18/21 – which will be yet another great opportunity for soapmakers and bath/body product makers to learn from you.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this very accessible way!

  2. I did the continue and get but can’t seem to see the enjoy part…. how do I get to these videos?

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