Label Review – Trader Joe’s Foam Soap (Video)

Let’s check out the package and label of a bottle of Trader Joe’s Botanical Bounty Foaming Hand Soap!

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10 responses to “Label Review – Trader Joe’s Foam Soap (Video)”

  1. Hello! If I sell in Canada, will I need to include english, french and INCI in the ingredient list?

    1. Marie Gale

      In Canada you DEFINITELY need the ingredient declaration, using the internationally accepted INCI names.

      I don’t know what the English/French requirements are in Canada.

  2. Great video! Do you ever take handcrafted product submissions for label review? 🙂

    1. Marie Gale

      Yes – I do label reviews! You can read about them here: Label Review Service

  3. Kayla

    Thank you for this video! What about ‘100% biodegradable’ claims? Are these regulated?

    1. Marie Gale

      “Biodegradable” isn’t a specifically regulated term. HOWEVER, if someone makes that claim they should have some sort of documentation to back it up in case anyone (especially the FTC) asks. If it’s not a true claim it falls under “false advertising” or “false or misleading” statements about the product.

  4. Vanessa

    Great video. So should the label be in ounces and milliliters if liquid instead of grams?

    Also in Florida is detergent free melt n pour okay to sell? You mentioned this had detergent and was considered cosmetic

    1. Marie Gale

      Liquid products are always measured by fluid ounces and milliliters in the net contents statement,

      In Florida the issue isn’t selling, it’s manufacturing. You need an approved facility to make cosmetics, but not soap that is exempt from the definition of a cosmetic. It has to be saponified oils and only sold as “soap”.

  5. Susan

    Great video especially for newbies. My question is, putting something like “cruelty free” on your packaging, is this something that you need approval for? If I know where my ingredients are from, do I have to document that each is cruelty free?

    1. Marie Gale

      “Cruelty freeandother “free of” claims aren’t specifically regulated… you just can’t be false or misleading. Its a good idea to have some documentation in case anyone asks… it could just be what you researched to verify you could make the claim.

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