Small Woodlands Annual Meeting

Last night I attended (well, presided over) the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association Annual Meeting and Dinner.  This was my second year as President at the meeting.  We had about 50 people in attendance.  The meeting went quickly and we even got a long motion by the Scholarship Committee dealt with (approved with one amendment). … Read More

In Memory of Adam

My cousin Adam cast aside his earthly restraints on December 31st, heading off into the vast spiritual unknown to seek out whatever new adventures are in store for him.  His body was found at his cabin by his friend, Jim Hollenbeck, who came up and told me. After talking with Jim, I called the Sheriff to see what needed to … Read More

“Soap” by Martin Gardner

Just look at those hands! Did you actually think That the dirt would come off, my daughter, By wiggling your fingers Around in the sink And slapping the top of the water Just look at your face! Did you really suppose Those smudges would all disappear With a dab at your chin And the tip of your nose And a … Read More

Family Tree Puzzle

Now that Christmas is over and everyone has received and opened their gifts, I can post the project that I completed and sent to a number of my family members!I got the idea from Family Tree Magazine and it looked like something that would be perfect, especially given that I’m currently working on the family tree. The Family Tree Puzzle … Read More

Proctor & Gamble Out of Soap Operas

As the World Turns, Proctor and Gamble’s last soap opera is going off the air with it’s last episode (the 13,661st!) to air in September. Their other remaining soap opera, Guiding Light, was canceled in April, 2009. That ends their 76 years in the soap opera business.

Christmas and Family

I’ve been doing quite a bit of genealogy work recently, gathering up family documents and entering them into my new Family Tree Maker software.  Genealogy and documenting my family tree is something I’ve been working on for years and now I finally feel like I’m getting a handle on it. In doing some research on-line yesterday, I came across this … Read More

Something to be Said for “Natural”

There are definitely some advantages to sticking with natural soaps, cosmetics and other products you put on or in your body.  Studies show that women consume POUNDS of lipstick during their lives! Check out this video … but probably not on an empty stomach!

Harsh Lye Soap

I am reading a series of books by S. M. Stirling about what happens when civilization as we know it loses electricity, internal combustion, and gunpowder, as the result of an event the author calls “The Change”.  In the years after the Change, the inhabitants of the Willamette Valley in Oregon have learned to cope, to raise crops, build water … Read More