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I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and guidance you offered me last week. I have been struggling for quite some time trying to find answers to my labeling questions, as the new container we are launching is really a very new concept in many ways.

Your depth of knowledge and guidance in this industry have been something that I have drawn upon through your books and online resources. It is so hard to comprehend these regulations and standards, and you are so incredibly good at distilling this complex information down and making it easier to comprehend.

These days I find myself having to quickly become an expert on the fly. And having you to turn to has been an invaluable gift! I cannot thank you enough for our correspondence last week and your willingness to support employees of small businesses in the industry, like me, who are finding their way.

With much gratititude!


A Facebook Conversation

Scale of 1-10, how necessary is this book I can just learn from Google?

A 10! It’s a great reference for both new soapers & experienced, especially when it comes to rules, regulations & labeling. — R.B.

10 for sure! It’s helped me SO SO much! — J.S.

It’s a 10. It’s not that you can’t google the info … But Marie Gale breaks down the laws and lingo and makes it understandable. — T.G.

10 — C.R.

At least a 10. I find it indispensable. — E.M.

And it will keep you from making the labeling mistakes that novices make, causing people like Senator Finestein to target the handcrafted industry. — C.W.

I second that 10. It is indispensable and very useful. — C.E.

I have a copy and I feels it’s very important to have one as a soapmaker. Marie Gale has written in plan and simple language for everyone to understand. — P.M.

I think a lot of us that have this book find it indispensable. It makes all the rules and regulations soooo much easier to understand. — E.M.

There is so much important information in this book, it is my go to if I have a question and will most likely be answered in this book. — B.S.

Even if you have to pay full price, you will not regret it. — B.B.

Contribution is Invaluable

I recently bought your Soap and Cosmetic Labeling book and I have to say THANK YOU!!  Your contribution to the homemade cosmetic and soap industry is invaluable.  — C. L.

Thank you!

Thank you for all you’re doing for soapmakers and cosmetics! I love your soap labeling book and refer to it often. I was just on your website to doublecheck a labeling guideline for a private label soap question and realized I should thank you!!

As a relatively new business I’m often double-checking my work and catching things that need changing or improvement. I can hardly imagine how I could do this without you.

Not writing with any particular question or need, but rather to emphatically tell you, YOU ROCK!! Keep it up rad lady! — R.P.

Learning to Label

I recently started selling my products & thanks to you, I’m learning how to label my product. 🙂 Thank so much for all of the info that you supply to the cosmetic community. — D.P.

A Daunting Task

I appreciate Marie Gale‘s work in sorting out and clarifying the regulations pertinent to our craft.  I believe most of us want to do the right thing, but researching all the FDA  regulations to hone in on the one bit you need can be a daunting task. — G.F.

Soap and Cosmetic Labeling cover

To really be able to create your own labels that comply with the regulations, get my book from Amazon and use it.

Super Helpful!

I just got your book on labeling and found it super helpful! Thank you. — Elaine

Thanks for Expert Advice

I want my labels to be as close to compliance as I can get them. I took advantage of your label review service and can’t thank you enough for your expert advice. It was money well spent! — N.M.

Love the Book

I LOVE her book! — Stephanie

Question Answered!

Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate your straight forward answer. I have not been able to get one before. Sure make a difference to me. … Thank you again for someone who watches out for us. Depending on your very timely research is so refreshing. Thank YOU! — Liz

Book Covers More Than Just FDA/Cosmetic Stuff

This book goes over much more than just FDA/cosmetic stuff, it also goes over appropriate labels and so [much] more. I found it a very worthy purchase. Marie Gale has put much time and effort into this and I am so happy I have this book, I’m not concerned so long as I follow how she spells it out. And she has a wonderful blog too. I feel that every soaper that sells should have this book. — Chris

Confidence and Peace of Mind

I just want to say thanks for all the work you have done and are doing to help others decode the FDA requirements.  Your book has been a huge help and given me confidence and peace of mind about how I proceed with my business.  A 1000 thank yous. — Candace

Ducks in a Row

Please know we are grateful for all you do to help us get our ducks in a row for labeling and GMP. — Melissa

My Cup Runneth Over

Marie, you have absolutely no idea how I feel right now that you replied to my e-mail. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your time of reanwsering a question you have answered a thousand times before.  My cup runneth over! — Zienna

A Gift

Marie – you are a gift to us. thank you!! — Lori

Great Resource

Thank you VERY much for publishing the labeling book and the Good Manufacturing Practices book. They are a great resource to me and I keep them handy for frequent use. When I started thinking about selling my soap, I was overwhelmed and found your book easy to read and understand.

Super Helpful

Thank you for writing the GMP and labeling books! So very helpful, I don’t know what I would do without them. — Julie

Keeping Us All In Line

Marie Gale has a wonderful book that helps explain all the labeling issues and legal stuff. She’s gone to bat for our industry and is helping all of us keep in line as well as make the US government aware of the issues they are creating for small businesses. — Stephanie

In My Back Pocket

Who else would love to just stuff Marie Gale in their back pocket for easy reference? ..this is useful information I did not know! –– D.C.

You Rock!

Thanks again for all you do for the soaping community and for how much you share your knowledge with us. YOU ROCK! — Cindy

GMP in Simple Plain English

I recently searched again for more information that would be helpful for the home crafter that is moving into becoming a small business and there really is nothing out there for anyone making cosmetics. The information that is available is mostly for pharma and in not helpful to anyone that is just starting out. Your book has been instrumental in us making the transition from home crafter to small business while being complaint with GMP. Your book is the only source that explains GMP that at first seems overwhelming in simple plain English. — M.C.

Very Informative

I just read your [Labeling] book and found it to be very informative.  Thanks a miillion! –– Denise

Saved My Life!

This is a great book detailing FDA laws for soapers. Natural coloring is not approved as an accepted colorant. I had a customer complain and I had to take every bit of info off of my web site.  You and your book saved my life! — Lisa

If you have a comment about how any of my blog, posts, materials or books have helped you, I’d love to hear about it! Send me an email (and do let me know if it’s okay to include it on this page).

Good Manufacturing Practices cover

Every handcrafter’s situation is different. To work out the good manufacturing practices that will work for you, get my book from Amazon and use it.