What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

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I’ve talked in the past about the dangers and pitfalls of making medical claims for soap and cosmetic products. I’ve also covered how claims for the ingredients or consumer testimonials can be interpreted as claims for the product. Over and over, handcrafters have asked me: “What’s the worst that could happen?” An Amish handcrafter named Sam Girod had his products seized (see U.S. … Read More

Book Availability

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As you may have heard, I announced that Jere and I are planning to “run away from home” in our new (to us) RV.  It’s actually happening! All goes well, we’ll be heading out next Monday, August 10th. Obviously, I can’t be stocking and shipping books while we’re on the road (not enough storage space, for one thing!).  So, I’ve made arrangements … Read More

Quest for the Perfect Pickle and GMP

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This last week has been shaped by the bounty from our garden. When the tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini and cucumbers are ripe, they get picked NOW … it’s not something that can be put off for a day or two. Of course, having the picked vegetables means that you have to do something with them before they go bad – … Read More

Monday Mailbag – August 4, 2014

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In this Monday Mailbag we have questions concerning the size of the net weight wording, getting started with GMP, handling incidental ingredients, INCI names and website software. What are the size requirements for the net weight? The size of the text for the net weight is dependent upon the size of the principal display panel. If the PDP is less … Read More

Monday Mailbag – Natural, Pesticides, Using Wine or Beer in Cosmetics, the “e” symbol

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One of the things I love about the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry is how so many people are willing to share and help others. I’m a member of a number of Facebook groups covering different aspects of soap and cosmetics and I am always inspired by the amount of care that the members have for have for each other. … Read More

Monday Mailbag – Patents, Sunscreen, Certification, Private Label and Hydrogenated OIls

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This is the first of my new blog post series, Monday Mailbag, in which I’ll answer soap or cosmetic labeling or GMP related questions that have been sent to me. We’re starting out with an eclectic mix this week – from patenting soap to how to list hydrogenated oils in the ingredient declaration. If you have a question that you … Read More

FDA Issues New Draft of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines

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The FDA recently announced that they have issued a new draft guidance on good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products. This new draft is an update to the existing “Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Guidelines/Inspection Checklist“. According to the Introduction: “This document provides guidance to industry and other stakeholders on the FDA’s current thinking concerning what constitutes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for cosmetics.”

Good Manufacturing Practices – Where to Start?

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If you already make a good product, then you already have the beginnings of your good manufacturing practices in place.  Much of what’s included in GMP is common sense – a clean space, checking and double checking your ingredients and measurements to make sure they are correct, mixing correctly, checking temperatures when necessary, etc. But if you are ready to … Read More