Category: Legislation & Regulation

  • Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011

    The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 was introduced June 24th. I’ve reviewed the bill and have been following all the discussions. Unfortunately, it seems to have somewhat polarized the handcrafted soap community – surprising since we all want essentially the same things … to be able to run our businesses, make safe soaps and cosmetics […]

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  • Florida Cosmetic Regulations

    Florida Cosmetic Regulations

    Florida cosmetic regulations required cosmetic manufacturers to get a permit and inspection. There is an exemption for small business.

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  • Something to be Said for “Natural”

    There are definitely some advantages to sticking with natural soaps, cosmetics and other products you put on or in your body.  Studies show that women consume POUNDS of lipstick during their lives! Check out this video … but probably not on an empty stomach!

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