Quick Labeling FAQ Updated

I’ve just updated the Quick Labeling FAQ on my website.  It’s easier to follow, covers the basics more clearly and is updated to take into account recent changes made to the FDA website.

What About “Natural”?

Can you call a cosmetic product “natural”? And what does that really mean, anyway? Nowadays, there are so many products of all types being marketed as “natural” it’s getting crazy!  I recently saw some piece of furniture marketed as “natural” because it was made (mostly) of wood.  Where does it end? The first thing to know is that, when it … Read More

FDA Cosmetic Website Updated

The FDA recently updated the Cosmetic section of their website and added some new pages that clarify regulations, particularly for small manufacturers of soap and cosmetics. Some of the most commonly asked questions are very clearly answered in FAQ format.

Ingredient Names From 1977 Still Good?

The Code of Federal Regulations specifies where to find the names by which cosmetic ingredients should be identified in the ingredient declaration on a cosmetic. First are any names “established by the Commissioner” (there are a few) and then the CTFA Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, Second Ed., 1977. After some searching, I was finally able to locate a copy of this … Read More

Using an Ingredient Name in a Product Name

Over the years, one small section in my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling, has probably generated the most question and online discussion than any other.  That section covers “Using an Ingredient in the Name” and discusses the FDA regulations that prohibit the use of the name of one ingredient in the name of the product (if it has two or … Read More

More on “Lip Balm”

Last year I wrote a post, “Drug Claims and Lip Balm” which discussed the use of the phrase “lip balm” as the identity of a product.  Unlike “lipstick” or “lip gloss,” the specific term “lip balm” is cited in the over-the-counter drug monograph for “skin protectants” as one of the approved ways to identify a skin protectant (which is a … Read More

What About “Organic” Cosmetics?

Several people lately have asked me about using the term “organic” when it comes to cosmetics.  Can cosmetics be claimed to be “organic?  What about using the term “organic” in a product or company name? I did some research, and what I discovered was a little bit surprising.  Seems that the FDA and the USDA don’t actually see eye-to-eye on … Read More