Updated Info on FDA site

The FDA recently updated several pages on their website that have to do with cosmetics. The regulations haven’t changed, but it appears that they are continuing in their trend to making them more understandable (although it is still a bit difficult to find things when you need them). Here’s a brief overview of some of the pages that have been … Read More

Monday Mailbag – August 11, 2014

It’s been a quiet week, this week.  Must be summer; it’s such a temptation to get out there and enjoy the wonderful weaterh!  Personally, I’ve been working in the garden and canning, drying and freezing produce for the pantry! Here are the questions for this week.

Calculating Percentages for Blended Ingredients

Ingredients are supposed to be listed in the ingredient declaration in “descending order of predominance”. In other words, the ingredient at the highest percentage (by weight) goes first, then then next highest, etc. Ingredients that are present at less than 1% can be listed in any order following the ingredients present at 1% or greater. When a blended ingredient is … Read More

Monday Mailbag – August 4, 2014

In this Monday Mailbag we have questions concerning the size of the net weight wording, getting started with GMP, handling incidental ingredients, INCI names and website software. What are the size requirements for the net weight? The size of the text for the net weight is dependent upon the size of the principal display panel. If the PDP is less … Read More

Labeling Regulations – Don’t Know vs. Don’t Care

I’ve been discussing, writing, and lecturing on the subject of soap and cosmetic labeling for nearly 10 years now. During that time I’ve discovered that people who are making handcrafted soap and cosmetics seem fall into categories when it comes to knowing and following the regulations. As with all things, how a person deals with knowing or not knowing a … Read More

Monday Mailbag – Smoothies, Trade Secrets, Essential Oils and Links to Regulations

More interesting questions from readers this week. Smoothies in soap, trade secrets, essential oils, links to regulations and more. Please feel free to email me your questions to hello@mariegale.com! If you make soap and use a smoothie (i.e. Green Machine or Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness) as water replacement, how would you label it? These products sometimes have about twenty items … Read More

Getting UPC Codes on Your Labels

One of the things that you often see on soap and cosmetic labels are bar codes. They are not required by regulation, but can make a big difference in where and how your products can be sold. Many of the large stores or chains use UPCs on all their products – both at the point of sale when the customer … Read More