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Blog posts that deal with soap and cosmetic labeling; addition information, questions asked and answered and updates as new information becomes known.

  • Saponifier Review of Soap & Cosmetic Labeling

    I have to say I am just tickled with the review that Beth Byrne wrote about my book in the on-line soapmakers magazine, The Saponifier. When they said they were going to review the book I was happy, but I never expected such a glowing (and long) discussion of the book! I’ve always been a […]

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  • Labeling Book Interview

    Donna Maria Coles Johnson, CEO of the Indie Beauty Network just interviewed me about my book. Check out the online interview! I’ve been a member of the Indie Beauty Network (formerly the Handmade Beauty Network) for years and have recently had the pleasure to work with Donna Maria in several collaborations, including a joint project […]

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  • My book is done!

    Today I went to town and picked up the first official printing of my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling; How to Follow the Rules and Regs in Plain English. Funny, even though I wrote every word and line and have been over the text a gazillion times, it still seems strange to see it as […]

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