Giant Soap Bubbles

Did you know there are huge soap bubble artists?  They make AMAZING bubbles. Some are 15 feet (yes, FEET) high! The bubbles show all the colors of the rainbow and come in spectacular sizes and shapes. Depending on the wind, they may move and travel quite some distance before popping (which looks like something from a cartoon as the walls disintegrate into water droplets).  They can even make bubbles inside of bubbles, which looks pretty amazing.

Soap bubble artists can be found all over the world. Some are available for hire for parties and such, there are others who perform in parks for donations and some who just do it for fun with their kids. I’ve selected videos of two giant soap bubblers to share with you.

Giant soap bubbles – Bulles de savon géantes from Ebullitions
Bubble Highlights 2011 from Lionel Stanhope

Want to know how to make big bubbles? Check out the Soap Bubble Wiki with information on how to make big soap bubbles, what equipment is needed, and recipes for bubble soap, along with lots of interesting pictures!


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