Measuring the Net Contents Statement

The SIZE of the net contents statement is important.

Required Size

The size of the net contents statement is based on the size of the principal display panel (“PDP”). If the PDP is more than 5 square inches, the required size for the net contents statement is 1/8 inch high. Generally, that would be any product over about 4 ounces. If the PDP is less than 5 square inches, then the text of the net contents can be 1/16 inch high.

If you use upper case text only, measure the height of an uppercase letter. For upper and lower case text, measure the height of the lower case o.


To get an accurate measurement, print out the label and physically measure the net contents with a ruler.

One-eighth inch is probably a LOT bigger than you expected!

NOTE: Ruler is not to scale.
Soap and Cosmetic Labeling cover

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