More EO blends from 1904

Here are some more EO blends from The Manual of Toilet Soap-Making by Dr. C. Deite.

The amounts given in the book are for scenting a soap batch using 50 kilos of oil; I’ve adjusted them down so the amounts shown below are for a soap batch containing 5 kilos (11 pounds) of oil. The names of the soaps are as given in the book.

Family Soap

11 gr. ginger-grass oil
21 gr citronella oil
7 gr lemongrass oil
7 gr cassia oil

Family Soap (2)

13.8 gr cassia oil
9.4 gr caraway oil
9.5 lavender oil

Fennel Soap

26.6 gr fennel oil
12 gr. caraway oil

Yew Soap I

16.5 lavender oil
6.8 gr oil of lemons
5 gr caraway oil
3.3 gr rosemary oil
3.3 gr thymene *
3.3 gr peppermint oil

Yew Soap II

5 gr oil of lemons
5.3 gr petit-grain oil
2.5 gr verbena oil
.6 gr peppermint oil

Pine Soap

28 gr pine-needle oil
4 gr juniper oil
2 gr lavender oil
2 gr thymene

Honey Soap

Note that there isn’t actually any honey in the soap recipe.

30 gr citronella oil
5.6 gr lemongrass oil
2 gr peppermint oil

Crown Soap

15 gr palmarosa oil
15 gr lavender oil
15 gr citronella oil

* Thymene is a liquid terpene obtained from oil of thyme. I would expect that using thyme oil would produce a similar result.

There are many scent blends in the book that call for “tincture of musk”. Since this isn’t readily available to soapmakers and I can’t offer suggestions for a replacement ingredient, I haven’t been including them.

If you would like me to post some blends that use tincture of musk, or know what ingredient(s) might make a suitable replacement, please comment!

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