Net Contents Clear Space

Clear space is required around the net contents

The net contents must be clear and unobscured. There needs to be clear space around the net contents – above, below and to both sides. The amount of clear space is based on the size of a capital N in the font used; the height of one capital N above and below, and the width of two capital N’s on each side.

For most soap and cosmetic packages over 2 oz, the net contents must be 1/8 of an inch high

If you use all upper case letters, the height must be 1/8 inch. that means you’ll need 1/8 inch above and below.

If you use upper and lower case letters, the lower case “o” must be 1/8 inch tall and the capital N will be taller than that, so you’ll need more than 1/8 inch above and below. Depending on the font, it could be as much as 1/4 inch!


Use all upper case letters in your net content statement and allow 1/8 above and below.

Note that the amount of space to the left and right will still depend on the font used. Condensed (narrow) fonts will require much less room than wide or expanded fonts.

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