Off to HSMG Conference!

As I write this I am finishing up all the loose ends to get ready to leave. Very excited (now that most of the stress or the preparations is done)!

The HSMG Annual Conference is a really big deal within the soapmaking community and for me as the President of the HSMG. Leigh O’Donnell, the Conference Chairman, has everything well under control and I expect that this is going to be a real extravaganza. My jobs are mainly talking with the members and finding out what the Board and I can do to improve the overall experience of being a member and the overall effectiveness of the organization as a whole.

I also preside at the Annual Meeting. I never thought I’d say that Robert’s Rules of Order was my friend, but it most certainly is. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good with the “There’s a motion on the table, is there any discussion?” and “The motion is ___. All in favor, say ‘Aye’.” Amazing how the guidelines can keep a meeting running smoothly and get lots accomplished in a short period of time.

This year I am also giving a presentation on Labeling Requirements. Having just recently finished the 2nd edition of my book, I don’t expect it will be too hard. After all, I was dreaming about this content for weeks not too long ago.

After the Conference finishes on the 30th, Jere and I will take two days of leisure time in Vermont. Ah, to just do nothing for a day or two seems like luxury of the highest order!

More on the conference when I return!


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  1. You and your team did an amazing job on the 2008 Soapmaker’s Conference! I was really thrilled to be a part of the event. Awesome, amazing, well done!

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