Census Records of Soapmakers

You can find information about soapmaking in the oddest places and by the strangest methods. Recently, I found out about the numbers of soapmakers around the turn of the (last) century while celebrating my birthday! Birthdays in our family are a day when you can do (or not do) whatever you want. In the past I’ve used my special day … Read More

Sunlight Soap – Botswana

Last night I watched the HBO series “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency”. If you missed the pilot, it is soon to be released on DVD. It’s very cute, keeps the feeling of the original books and actually looks like it was filmed in Botswana. And how does this relate to soap?

Soapmaking Makes A Difference

I recently received an email from Melinda Coss, a soapmaker and author from France.  She’s involved with a program called Township Trades in South Africa, teaching teens business skills through soapmaking.  Take a look at the video – it’s awesome! Marie Gale

Meet the new OSWA Chapter President

OSWA – Oregon Small Woodland Association, Coos-Curry County Chapter, has a new President.  As of the Annual Meeting (sometime in March) I will be taking the reins for the local chapter.  I’ve been on the Board (and not really doing much) for a year now.  Last week I decided that if I’m going to do it, I might as well … Read More

Very Diverse Day

Today has been such a diverse day.  Normally people tend to stick to one or two somewhat related things during the course of business.  Today I’ve been all over the map. First thing this morning I worked on preparing a time line and pack of documentation to deliver to an attorney in time for him to read it before a … Read More

Soapmaking Article Published!

I just had a great article published in Aromascents E-Magazine! If was fun to write – to review all of the things I know about the wonders of soapmaking and condense it down into just two pages.  Once again I was struck by the wonder of what happens in the soap pot and how the magic always happens to make … Read More

Being DammaRee

My nieces and nephews called me “Andaree” when they couldn’t quite say “Aunt Marie”.  Now grandson Coven is calling me “DammaRee.”  It’s moniker I never expected to have, but the joy when I hear it is so far beyond anything else!  The experience of being a Grandmother is just great – I love it! Coven came to between Christmas and … Read More

Raise The Bar, Use Handcrafted Soap

That’s what the license plate holder on my truck says now.  I kust put the new Handcrafted Soap Guild license plate holder on my truck.  Required a little cleaning up of things to get the mud off, but I think it looks pretty nice! It’ll be cool to drive around and have it be known that I’m a member of … Read More