Tele-Labeling Presentation

Last week I had the honor of speaking about cosmetic labeling requirements to a group in Colorado. Colorado Organics set up the presentation, which had 13 people present. While I’ve done similar presentations in the past, this time was different because they were 1000 miles away and I could have done it in my jammies (I didn’t, but I could … Read More

Beautiful Day in the Woods

It was such a spectacular day! The trees are turning, the sun was out – stunning. This picture was taken from my porch of the house. She’s a little hard to see, but that white speck by the barn is our horse, Heavy (well, actually her name is “Heavenly Tears”, but she’s just Heavy to us).

Making Soap (with pictures!)

When I make soap, I break it out into in several stages: Preparation, Melting, Mixing & Molding, Unmolding & Cutting, Trimming and Packaging. Generally there is a time gap between the different stages – sometimes hours, sometimes days and even sometimes months. This is how I do it.

The Art & Science of Making Soap

Making soap is both a science and an art. For me, it’s the combination of the two that makes the whole thing so fascinating. That, and the joy of having my own custom-made, custom-scented, just-perfect-for-me soap. Add to that the fact that I can share it with other people and make some income while doing so and it’s a really … Read More

Off to HSMG Conference!

As I write this I am finishing up all the loose ends to get ready to leave. Very excited (now that most of the stress or the preparations is done)! The HSMG Annual Conference is a really big deal within the soapmaking community and for me as the President of the HSMG. Leigh O’Donnell, the Conference Chairman, has everything well … Read More

John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

Last night I watched the 7th and final episode of the HBO Miniseries “John Adams”. While I’ve been intrigued and educated through the entire series, it was the last episode that gave me the most insight into the man himself. I attribute that to the fact that it covers the last years of his life, out of political office, spending … Read More

Global Warming? Snow in April!

Looking out my window this morning, my level of doubt rises. Snow falling and on the ground. In APRIL!!! Doesn’t seem much warmer around here this spring, that’s for sure. On the other hand, I can’t complain. I love the look and feel of snow. Since we don’t get it very often (maybe 5-6 times a year, max), I have … Read More

Tax Day – We Need a Change

I hate tax day. Like many (maybe most) Americans, I seriously resent the time and effort I have to spend to file taxes every year. Filling in the forms has gotten easier over the years with e-File and programs like TurboTax, but even with that I spent over 6 hours putting together my taxes last weekend – and that doesn’t … Read More