Simple Labeling Checklist

It can seem like labeling is complicated. Truthfully, sometimes understanding all of the regulations covering labeling can be daunting. However, you can use this simple checklist to review your product labeling and see if you need to dig a little deeper to get it right, or if you are okay the way it is.

If any of the answers are “NO”, then you need to make some corrections. Check the linked posts for more information.

The Front

  • Is the NAME of the product on the front panel?
  • [Cosmetics only] Is the NAME of the product something different than the name of any ingredient(s)? [see What’s in a Name?]
  • Is the PRODUCT IDENTITY (what it is) on the front panel?
  • Is the NET CONTENT statement on the front panel?
  • Is the NET CONTENT statement large enough (usually 1/8 in high) [see Measuring the Net Contents Statement]
  • Is the NET CONTENT statement in the bottom 30%* of the front panel?
  • Is the NET CONTENT stated correctly (either fluid measure or weight, depending on the product) [see Net Contents – Weight and Volume]
  • Is there enought clear space around the NET CONTENTS? [see Net Contents Clear Space]

The Back or Side(s)

  • Is the BUSINESS NAME and ADDRESS stated on the label?
  • Is the BUSINESS NAME the legal name of the business entity–either your personal name or the name that has been registered with your state?
  • Is the STREET ADDRESS included if required? [See Street Address – Your Choices]
  • Are the CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE included?
  • [Cosmetics Only] Is the INGREDIENT DECLARATION on the package?
  • [Cosmetics Only] Are the BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS listed with the English common name first (and the scientific name in parenthesis, if desired)? [See Botanical Names in Ingredient Declarations]
  • [Cosmetics Only] Are the components of BLENDED INGREDIENTS listed separately based on their percentage in the whole? [See Calculating Percentages for Blended Ingredients]
  • [Cosmetics Only] Are all the COLOR ADDITIVES in the ingredient declaration (including components of any blended color additives)? [See Blended Color Additives]
  • [Cosmetics Only] Are any required WARNING STATEMENTS included on the label? [See Cosmetic Warning Statements]

* The size and placement of the net contents are different for products with a principal display panel of less than 5 square inches (generally where the product size is 2 ounces or less). [See What is the PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL?]

Soap and Cosmetic Labeling cover

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