United Airlines – AGAIN

I posted before about my sad experience with United. I wasn’t sure I was going to use the $150 coupon they gave me, but I did. And everything seemed to be fine … for a while.

I made reservations for Jere and I to go to the 2008 Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild Annual Conference in Burlington, Vermont at the end of April. Of course, since one flight was regular fare it had to be booked on-line and the one with the coupon booked differently. Actually, all that went smoothly.

So there I was, thinking everything would be fine and I got an email notification (two of them, actually, one for Jere and one for me) saying that our schedule had been changed. Fair enough, at least they let me know. BUT, they changed us on to different flights!!

That necessitated a call to United, which went south in a hurry. I ended up spending over 40 minutes on the phone, of that about 20 minutes was on hold. The agent tried to put us on a flight together (the “only flight available”) that would have given us an 8 hour layover in Chicago. No way.

I kept asking and asking for something better. Finally while I was on hold for the 3rd time, I went to United on-line and looked up the possible flights. I found one that would work and then told the agent to book us on that one … which amazingly enough had seats for both of us.

It’s pretty easy to gauge how BAD the United agents are when I, the customer, had to figure out a solution by going online!

The good news is that we DO have flights and, being the glass-is-half-full kind of gal I am, I am hopeful that we will actually arrive reasonably on time. I certainly don’t want to miss the Chinese dinner out we have planned for after we arrive!


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