Essential Oil Companies Rated

I recently came across an in-depth and detailed article published by which reviewed and rated 11 different essential oil companies. The authors found adulteration in 30% of the EO samples analyzed!

Eleven companies were randomly selected for review. The website and materials of each company were reviewed for factors pertaining to:

  • Quality & Testing
  • Consumer Education
  • Safety
  • Sustainable Sourcing

As part of the Quality & Testing, the authors purchased samples from each company of lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil which they sent for analysis. Thirty samples were analyzed; 9 came back adulterated.  I especially like the fact that they published the actual GMS test results for the essential oils they had tested rather than relying on an explanation.

The article is a good read – not just for information on the specific companies, but also for insight into how to evaluate factors that could (or should) affect your essential oil purchasing decisions.

When choosing EOs for personal use or for use in making handcrafted soap or cosmetics, quality and purity is essential.  Following that, an understanding of the supplier gives insight into whether this is a company you want to do business with.  Finally, price is always a factor – but should not be the only factor.

If the company you want to purchase essential oils from is not on this list of companies reviewed, consider performing your own review on the supplier and its products and policies before purchasing.


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8 responses to “Essential Oil Companies Rated”

  1. Thanks so much for posing this. I have never heard of Young Living but based upon their reaction alone yo the article, that is a company I will never purchase from, regardless of the outcome. That behavior makes me wary from the get-go.

  2. Wow, such an in-depth article! Thank you for posting this. I’ve used some of these companies and was glad to hear that Aromatics was graded good as it’s my go to for oils. I’ve saved the link so I can go back and read as it contains so much info.

  3. Very interesting! Thanks for the share of this article. I am curious about what the deal is with Young Living? I wonder what they contested?

      • The company doTERRA left was actually Young Living I’ve used YL for awhile now and I’ve tried doTERRA I honestly prefer YL. In fact a lot of doTERRAs processes are from YL.

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