“Soap” by Martin Gardner

Just look at those hands!

Did you actually think

That the dirt would come off, my daughter,

By wiggling your fingers

Around in the sink

And slapping the top of the water

Just look at your face!

Did you really suppose

Those smudges would all disappear

With a dab at your chin

And the tip of your nose

And a rub on the back of one ear?

You tell me your face

And your fingers are clean?

Do you think you old Dad is a dope?

Let’s try it again

With a different routine.

This time we’ll make use of the soap!

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One response to ““Soap” by Martin Gardner”

  1. Jessie

    Love it! Makes me think of 2 of my grandsons. They’re soaked when they leave the bathroom but, somehow, their hands are STILL dirty! Lol

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