Labeling Workshop – Feb 5, 2011

It’s just been finalized that I will be doing a Labeling Workshop at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, California on February 5, 2011.  Actually, two sessions are planned (one for the morning and one for the afternoon), depending on how many people sign up. The 4-hour class will cover the following:

Book Review by Erica Pence

Erica Pence just published a review on my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling, on her The Bonnie Bath Co. Pro blog.  I’m so pleased that the book was of help to her and that she has recommended it to other soapmakers! See the Eric’s book review.

Tele-Labeling Presentation

Last week I had the honor of speaking about cosmetic labeling requirements to a group in Colorado. Colorado Organics set up the presentation, which had 13 people present. While I’ve done similar presentations in the past, this time was different because they were 1000 miles away and I could have done it in my jammies (I didn’t, but I could … Read More

Book 2nd Edition is HERE!!

At long last, the 2nd edition of my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling, has finally arrived from the printer. Hurray!! I have to say, I always have palpitations when something has gone to print. Waiting for it to come back, wondering what might go wrong (or what typos I missed) is hard – especially this time when it went to … Read More

Labeling Book – 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling, is finally at the printer! Hurray!!! They’ve told me it will ship out on March 28th. I thought it was going to be a relatively easy project to edit and update it, but it turned out to be a much larger endeavor than I had anticipated. Based on questions I … Read More Book Review

My labeling book got another positive review! David Fisher, the Guide for Candle and Soap Making reviewed my book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling, and gave it a very positive review. I’m just jazzed about the positive response it’s getting! Looks like a reprint will be in the near future!

Saponifier Review of Soap & Cosmetic Labeling

I have to say I am just tickled with the review that Beth Byrne wrote about my book in the on-line soapmakers magazine, The Saponifier. When they said they were going to review the book I was happy, but I never expected such a glowing (and long) discussion of the book! I’ve always been a fan of the The Saponifier. … Read More

Labeling Book Interview

Donna Maria Coles Johnson, CEO of the Indie Beauty Network just interviewed me about my book. Check out the online interview! I’ve been a member of the Indie Beauty Network (formerly the Handmade Beauty Network) for years and have recently had the pleasure to work with Donna Maria in several collaborations, including a joint project to get product and general … Read More