Drug Claims and Lip Balm

I just returned from the 2011 Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Annual Conference in Miami. It was terrific! This year I went as a speaker and a vendor, and had time to enjoy some of the other speakers and presenters. I loved seeing Barbara Corcoran and had the privilege of having breakfast with her and several of the HSMG directors. Barbara is … Read More

My New Soap & Cosmetic Recipe Book!

I am very excited to announce that I have written a new book! It’s just in the final stages and will be released at the HSMG 2011 Annual Conference in Miami in May. It’s over 300 pages, and contains over 500 recipes for cold process soap, different types of cosmetics and scent blends. The recipes come from my extensive collection … Read More

Warning – Sunken Grade

Before I moved to Oregon, I had never seen a warning sign saying “sunken grade”. In fact, the first few times I saw one I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant.  (Trust me, those grades weren’t very sunken, otherwise I would have figured it out much sooner.)  Even Yahoo Answers doesn’t have the exact right definition of a sunken grade. … Read More

L. Ron Hubbard 100th Birthday Event

Last week we went to the L. Ron Hubbard 100th birthday event hosted by the Church of Portland.  It was attended by several hundred people – it was great to see old friends. Much of the event was dedicated to a retrospective look at the life of L. Ron Hubbard, especially the many endeavors and adventures in which he was … Read More

Coos Curry Small Woodlands Annual Dinner

Recently I attended (and presided over) the Coos Curry Small Woodlands Annual Meeting and Dinner.  We have them every year in February.  It’s a great time to have an evening out and meet up with other small woodland owners, most of whom I see just this one time each year.

Labeling … of People

Name calling.  In grade school it’s a tool of the bullies to make others feel bad.  Even though you can SAY “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” truth is, words, be it name calling or labeling, CAN hurt. Maybe not physically, like sticks and stones, but personally, emotionally, and spiritually? Certainly. Labeling people … Read More

Environmental Balance

Recently I was awoken by our new kitty, George, racing through the bedroom and bathroom.  The pounding of his little feet on the wood and tile floors sounded like a herd of elephants rather than the patter of kitten paws.  On the bed, under the bed, onto the dresser, into the bathroom, back on the bed.  Round and round he … Read More

Humongous Mushrooms

Went up to the barn recently and found an amazing thing pushing up under the empty grain bags… gigantic mushrooms, 6 of them in a big clump.  They were so strong that they pushed the grain bags aside in the rise from the underworld. Just to get an idea of the size, I placed an egg from the chickens next … Read More