Herbal Entrepreneur Conference 2021

I am so honored to be included in this year’s Herbal Entrepreneur Conference being held virtually March 21 – March 27th! This is the 3rd annual. My session, “What You Need To Know About Labelling Herbal Products” will be on March 23rd at 11AM (PST). The conference goes for a week with speakers every day. There are several tracks addressed … Read More

What does ADULTERATED mean?

In the US, you can make cosmetics without getting prior approval of the product, the ingredients, or the formulation. What you can’t do is sell (or put out for sale) a product which is adulterated or misbranded. That’s illegal. Most states have also adopted a similar law, so it’s also illegal at a state level. So what, exactly, makes a … Read More


In labeling, the size and placement of the principal display panel determines where certain information must be placed and what size the text must be. Principal: Of a thing: first, chief, most important. Display Panel: A separate or distinct part of a surface on which information can be shown. Principal Display Panel (PDP): The part of a label that is … Read More

Cosmetics vs Non-Cosmetics Requirements

Cosmetics are products which are applied to the human body to beautify, promote attractiveness or cleanse. Non-cosmetic products are ones that aren’t applied to the human body (paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, diswashing detergent, etc.) They may touch the human body, but they aren’t applied with the intent of cleansing, beautifying or promoting attractiveness. Body/face/hand soap is, by default, … Read More

Net Contents – Weight and Volume

All products sold to consumers, including soap and cosmetics, require the net contents to be placed on the label. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you measure the net contents and how it should be worded on the product label. There are two different ways to measure products for sale – by volume and by weight. Measuring by … Read More

What is a DRUG?

Drugs of all types are around us every day. There are a number of different ways to define a “drug”.  Here we’re going to take a look at the definitions of “drug” and how they apply when you are making handcrafted soap and cosmetics (or other products). DRUG (Common) A substance with intoxicating, stimulant, or narcotic effects used for cultural, … Read More


We all expect the ingredient declaration in cosmetics to be accurate and include all the ingredients in the product. However, in certain circumstances, “incidental ingredients” may be left off the list. It’s a loophole that can sometimes be abused. When labeling your own products it is very important to know and understand what may or may not be omitted from … Read More

Essential Oil Companies Rated

I recently came across an in-depth and detailed article published by ConsumersAdvocate.org which reviewed and rated 11 different essential oil companies. The authors found adulteration in 30% of the EO samples analyzed! Eleven companies were randomly selected for review. The website and materials of each company were reviewed for factors pertaining to: Quality & Testing Consumer Education Safety Sustainable Sourcing … Read More