What is INCI?

Important Terms Nomenclature: The words and terminology specific to a particular subject or area of study. Botanical: Related to plants; a part of a plant. “INCI” stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. It is a list of the standardized and internationally accepted names (called “INCI Names”) that should be used in the declaration of ingredients on cosmetic and … Read More

What does ADULTERATED mean?

In the US, you can make cosmetics without getting prior approval of the product, the ingredients, or the formulation. What you can’t do is sell (or put out for sale) a product which is adulterated or misbranded. That’s illegal. Most states have also adopted a similar law, so it’s also illegal at a state level. So what, exactly, makes a … Read More


In labeling, the size and placement of the principal display panel determines where certain information must be placed and what size the text must be. Principal: Of a thing: first, chief, most important. Display Panel: A separate or distinct part of a surface on which information can be shown. Principal Display Panel (PDP): The part of a label that is … Read More

Cosmetics vs Non-Cosmetics Requirements

Cosmetics are products which are applied to the human body to beautify, promote attractiveness or cleanse. Non-cosmetic products are ones that aren’t applied to the human body (paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, diswashing detergent, etc.) They may touch the human body, but they aren’t applied with the intent of cleansing, beautifying or promoting attractiveness. Body/face/hand soap is, by default, … Read More

What is a DRUG?

Drugs of all types are around us every day. There are a number of different ways to define a “drug”.  Here we’re going to take a look at the definitions of “drug” and how they apply when you are making handcrafted soap and cosmetics (or other products). DRUG (Common) A substance with intoxicating, stimulant, or narcotic effects used for cultural, … Read More


We all expect the ingredient declaration in cosmetics to be accurate and include all the ingredients in the product. However, in certain circumstances, “incidental ingredients” may be left off the list. It’s a loophole that can sometimes be abused. When labeling your own products it is very important to know and understand what may or may not be omitted from … Read More

What is a COSMETIC?

Cosmetics have been around since, well, forever.  People have probably always tried to apply stuff to their face and body to look better, although Cleopatra is probably the earliest and best known woman to take the the application of cosmetics to a true art form.  The words cosmetic and cosmetics trace their history to the Greek language.  However, it wasn’t … Read More


When you start to learn about what it takes to legally label your soap and cosmetic products, you may not realize that within the laws and regulations there is a very specific definition of labeling. It’s not what you would expect it to be, and it’s not a definition you can get by looking in a regular dictionary. BUT, it’s … Read More