Quest for the Perfect Pickle and GMP

This last week has been shaped by the bounty from our garden. When the tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini and cucumbers are ripe, they get picked NOW … it’s not something that can be put off for a day or two. Of course, having the picked vegetables means that you have to do something with them before they go bad – … Read More

Getting Back in the Groove

They say that when you fall off a horse, the best thing is to get right back on. The rationale is that the longer you delay, the harder it is to overcome any fear you have from falling off in the first place. In other words, you lose your groove. Well, I can tell you from recent personal experience, the … Read More

Garden Therapy

Life isn’t ALL about regulations and legislation and good manufacturing practices (or preparing for presentations at the HSCG Annual Conference).  Sometimes you have to step back and take time to smell the roses — or in my case, plant the garden. We’ve been gradually working on it for years, and this spring – especially in the last few weeks – … Read More

Road Trip!

Just got back from a road trip – 2160 miles in 6 days. Believe it or not, it was really fun and we had a relaxing time. Spent a lot of time driving back roads and through State and Federal forests and parks. So beautiful!

Master Woodlands Manager Class (Part 3)

This weekend marked the half-way point for my Master Woodlands Manager training.  We covered, on Friday afternoon and Saturday, business, taxes, planning, marketing, logging and roads. About half the time was spent in the field, making a plot in a forest stand, calculating board feet, looking at options (log? thin?) and then bucking a tree. As one of the instructors … Read More

Laying Concrete Slab for Campsite

Over the last couple of years we’ve been cleaning up and building a campsite for family to use when they come to visit.  Last year we completed the “structure” (we still haven’t decided to what to call it), which is a 34′ x 18′ roof, giving us a large covered area.  As of now it has a beautiful concrete slab … Read More

Master Woodlands Manager Class (Part 2)

This week we covered all things having to do with water (hydrology), including climate and weather and the effects they have on the soil, and trees, watersheds, the flow of water in and under the ground, and managing forests along creeks, streams and rivers to protect the water quality and fish.  Water is SO important – not just to the … Read More

Master Woodlands Manager Class (Part 1)

This weekend (Friday and Saturday) I attended the first part of my Master Woodlands Manager class.  It’s a training program put on by the Oregon State University Extension Service to covering the basics of woodlands management in depth This week we covered  management planning, forest ecology, inventory, silviculture, and wildlife, both in the classroom and out in the woods.