Announcing New Book on GMP

Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters.   Nearly a year in the making, this book details what good manufacturing practices are and how soap and cosmetic handcrafters can go about getting real GMP standards set up in a home-based or very small setting.

Making a Difference with Soap

Soap, at one end of the spectrum it’s a luxury item, at the other it saves lives. Did you know that more than 5 million lives are lost each year – the majority of whom are children – to diseases such as acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease caused by improper hygiene and lack of soap?  Just regular hand-washing with … Read More

Amazing and Unique Soaps

We’ve all seen bar soap (which can be stunningly beautiful with swirls, embeds and colors), and liquid soap, and even soap that looks like food.  But how about soap that looks completely like something else? Check out these amazing soaps!

Banning Anti-Bacterial Soap?

Students at the University of Texas voted last week to ban anti-bacterial soap and other products containing triclosan from the university entirely.  The bill was authored by five UT students and unanimously approved by the students. Now, of course, it will be up to the university administration (and their purchasing department) to decide if they will implement the students’ decision. … Read More

Finally, Daffodils!

We finally have daffodils!  Granted, they are a month late (which is extremely surprising), but they certainly are pretty, and definitely make me feel like there’s a chance spring will come soon. Out in our yard we have several different kinds.  some have frilly inside petals, some just have the standard 6 petals and a trumpet.  Those come in all … Read More

Giant Soap Bubbles

Did you know there are huge soap bubble artists?  They make AMAZING bubbles – some are 15 feet (yes, FEET) high!  The bubbles show all colors of the rainbow and come in spectacular sizes and shapes.  Depending on the wind, they may move and travel some distance before popping (which looks like something from a cartoon as the walls disintegrate … Read More

“Soap Bubble” at Milky Way Center

Scientists have discovered gigantic bubble-like structures 25,000 light-years tall ballooning above and below the Milky Way. Within each curved “bubble”, extremely energetic electrons of unknown origin interact with lower-energy light to generate the gamma rays that define these bubbles.

ForSoapmakers sold, not closed!

In my last post I mentioned that I would be closing I’m really, really pleased to say that the business was purchased by Kevin Growns, from Star City, Arkansas!  The business will continue, and all the existing products will continue to be offered. So far, Kevin is doing a great job filling orders and taking care of customers.  I’m … Read More